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Natural People over the years has developed resources and alliances for rapid growth and diversity for various brands as well as the capability of being able add on channel partners to increase volume of the business with velocity.

We only commit when we believe we can add tremendous vaule.

Our support team is enthusiastic and young with a pool of extensive experience both in domestic and international markets. An exposure to these markets and understanding of the sensitivity to the needs of the Indian Customer is what truely differentiates Natural People

Our Services

Market Research

We assist our international brand partners in defining the market place in terms of opportunity, reliability, practicality and risk.

Natural People regularly conducts product focus groups in order to gain insights on prospective consumers and their responses to products, the brand partners wish to launch into the Indian market.

Sales & Distribution

Developing a prime and deep network of channel partners with a far reach to the buyers for greater market penetration is the key to success in an Indian market.

Natural People offer a well formed distribution structure with an objective of increasing reach, enhancing service levels, optimising inventory and reducing overall distribution costs.


Natural People performs market scopes with thorough evaluation of the brand partners, products and services for customers in India including product entry & market entry strategy.

Using customer specific information for National & Local marketing as well as networking with other related Service Providers for successful & long term business in India is what takes place at Natural People.

Innovative advertising, marketing & promotion for overall countrywide business in India are also facets of the value added services.

Pricing Strategy

Natural People’s hands on experience of working with consumers assist their brand partners in examining their comparative pricing basis, price architecture, roles and profitability of channel elements, promotion effectiveness, competitor activity, etc. which result in creating a winning price and promotion strategy.

Some of Our Brand Partners

Natural People, has worked with the following brands in various capacities

Our Contacts

Natural People, Anukirti Natural Health Products Pvt Ltd

Distribution Hub

Dehli NCR
6,000sq.ft. Self Managed facility
1,000sq.ft. Self Managed Cold Storage facility

Registered Office

No 48
Sector 15 Part 1, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001

Corporate Office

Ground Floor, No 45, kirti Nagar
Sector 15 Part 1, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001